“Innovation is hard because solving problems people didn't know they had and building something no one needs look identical at first”
    -Aaron Levie, CEO at Box, Get Shit Done
    Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.
    - Steve Jobs
    If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough
    - Albert Einstein
    You jump off a cliff and you assemble an airplane on the way down
    - Reid Hoffman
    Ideas are worthless until you get them out of your head to see what they can do.
    - Tanner Chistensen

    less is more.

    CUED IN...
    know the game inside out with over 20 years of experience
    ``aut viam inveniam aut faciam``
    i will either find a way or make one!
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    Socrates said, 'know thyself' I say, 'Know thy users'

    There was a time when every little village store had their loyal customers. Today, someone sitting half way across the globe is tearing to shreds, this store’s market share with free home delivery and discount coupons…maybe even free t-shirts inspired from Gin and the Brain…
    The story is the same for every business everywhere, irrespective of industry domain or target niche. What do you do now?
    You need to get your pitch right…because what you say is who you are.
    Branding and Campaign Design and Media Management - Creative and Design Consulting, On premise activation's, Contests, Festival design and production
    Content Marketing Strategies, SaaS and App Marketing, App Installs, Deep linking building custom destinations within the App, Grow App Audience and Re-engage with the Audience and Podcast solutions and Short Code pull strategies and data mining applications
    Solutions to improve efficiency levels and drive revenue for Companies. Qualified appointment settings, Event Audience Acquisition, Lead qualification, Scoring and Nurturing
    Marketing Automation, Drip Campaign, Lifecycle Emails, Conversion Funnel, Customer Personas, Long Tail Keywords, PPC, SEM, SMM, Conversion Rate Optimization