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    25 sales tips to strike the next deal and laugh your way to the bank

    johndez / May 21, 2016 / Lead Convergence, Sales
    Sales tips to close deals faster and make loads of money

    They say Sales is more art than science.

    Selling can get especially tricky in today’s tech environment, where things change so fast. To help you master the art of selling, Salesforce recently published an e-book called “100 Sales Tips for 2016.”

    Here’s 25 of the best tips from the book to will help you close deals faster and make loads of money

    ``Quick question...How skilled are you at storytelling? Or better yet, when was the last time you told a great story? It could have ?been to a group of friends, to coworkers, to? your children, to anybody really. Being a good storyteller is the secret-sauce skill that will help you win more friends, influence more prospects, and have a lot more fun in work and life. A well-told personal story breaks down barriers, engages your audience, humanizes you as a speaker, and can take your sales presentations to the next level. So again, the question remains: How skilled are you at storytelling?``
    — Mark Raymo; SMB Strategic Account Executive, Salesforce
    ``As sales professionals, we should be focused on adding value to our customers at every interaction in advance of? any ask. For example, instead of pinging your prospects with? the all-too-familiar 'just checking in' emails or phone calls, why not send them an article or business book you feel they’d enjoy?``
    — David Priemer; VP Sales, Salesforce
    ``First show the customer where they’re saving money and how much. Then cross- sell a product that costs about the same.``
    — Rohan Ayyar; Marketing Expert and Columnist
    ``Before any conversation, always know what your customer does and how they make money. You will discredit yourself very quickly if you? sit down with a CEO and don’t understand how their business works.``
    — Emily Markenson; Account Executive (MM), Salesforce
    ``If you can get them to laugh, you’ll be in good shape!``
    — Elizabeth Ostby; Account Executive, Salesforce
    ``When you are busy, don’t let ?an email from ?a customer/ prospect go hours or days until you respond. Take 15 seconds to acknowledge ?their email and ?let them know that you intend to respond within 'X' timeframe.``
    — Bernard Sullivan; Enterprise Account Executive, Salesforce
    ``Often times after I sell an initial deal, I ask the customer to a 'thank you' lunch or a coffee date. Once the deal is done, I find that the pressure is off and it’s easier to build rapport and get the customer to open up about long-term goals.``
    — Jessica Medeiros; Account Executive (SMB), Salesforce
    ``Multitasking is? completely overrated as a skill. In fact, I believe that multitasking is simply an opportunity?to mess up ?many things simultaneously. The key to? success in a sales environment overflowing with opportunity ?is rigorous prioritization.``
    — Nick Hedges; CEO & President, Velocify
    ``Make friends with your marketing team! Work with them to establish the definition of a qualified lead. This will ensure that you only get assigned genuine, workable prospects.``
    — Phil Simpson; Regional Sales Manager, Salesforce
    ``Prepare more questions. Salespeople spend too much time preparing what they want to say to a customer and not enough time thinking of the questions they should ask. The best sales presentations are the ones never given, because the salesperson and the customer are having a discussion around the questions being asked.``
    — Mark Hunter; The Sales Hunter
    ``Always give a discount to someone who tends to bargain. Customer acquisition cost: a bit higher. Customer ego boost: priceless.``
    — Rohan Ayyar; Marketing Expert and Columnist
    “In life you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”
    - Chester L. Karrass
    ``Apologize for your mistakes. Make things better. ?Your customers won’t remember the mistakes as much as they’ll remember what you do next.``
    — Matt Heinz; President,? Heinz Marketing Inc.
    ``Higher the risk, higher the payoff. That’s just how life works. So go big or go home.`` — Mia Dand; CEO, Lighthouse3
    ``Make friends with their friends (read: gatekeepers). Even the busiest decision maker can’t resist a personal recommendation.``
    — Rohan Ayyar; Marketing Expert and Columnist
    Create your own 30-second elevator pitch for each product you have to sell. This is mostly for your understanding, because if you cannot explain something simply, you do not have a good understanding of it.
    - Colin Searles Account Executive (MM), Salesforce
    Never negotiate unless you know in advance the other person’s timeframe for making a decision. Time is the greatest negotiating tool. Failure to know the other person’s time to make a decision weakens the value of anyoffers you make, and it will often necessitate having to renegotiate.
    - Mark Hunter The Sales Hunter
    Tech for tech’s sake doesn’t help you win deals. Tech that makes you faster, smarter, more effective, more efficient — that’s the tech you need.
    - Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc.
    Better understand your prospects with social data, so that when you engage with them, you’re having relevant conversations that make a great first impression. If you’re using this data for sales purposes, be tactful. Don’t tell your prospects everything you know about them because that can be extremely off-putting — and that one mistake can cost you the deal.
    - Phil Simpson Regional Sales Manager, Salesforce
    Before any conversation, always know what your customer does and how they make money. You will discredit yourself very quickly if you sit down with a CEO and don’t understand how their business works.
    - Emily Markenson Account Executive (MM), Salesforce
    Always present your price with two options. The first option is high-priced, which of course includes everything. Pause and wait for the customer to respond, and typically the customer will say it’s too much. At this point, show them the lower-priced option, which is the package you felt would be right for the customer all along. By showing it to them second, the customer will feel it’s a bargain compared to the
    higher-priced first option.
    - Mark Hunter The Sales Hunter
    Are lost customers “dead” to you? They shouldn’t be. Within three months of losing a deal, follow up to see how things are going. You’ll be surprised by how much business you can win back simply by being friendly and helpful. And when your contact takes a new job somewhere else, they’ll remember your steadfastness.
    - William Tyree CMO, RingDNA
    Don’t negotiate salary based on the role as job and project descriptions can be re-written. Ask for what you are worth based on what you have to offer.
    - Mia Dand CEO, Lighthouse3
    Most people make a case for a raise based on what they’ve done, but most managers will approve a raise – and even a promotion – based on what you’re going to do next. Make a case for the ROI you’re going to deliver moving forward.
    - Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc.
    “Most people think ‘selling’ is the same as ‘talking.’ But the most effective salespeople know that listening is the most important part of their job.”
    - Roy Bartell Sales expert

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